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A great choice for a stay in Abuja, the Sandralia Hotel features an airport shuttle. After splashing around at the outdoor pool, you can grab a bite to eat at the restaurant or unwind with a drink at one of the two bars or lounges. Other highlights at this upmarket hotel include a poolside bar, a fitness centre, and an outdoor tennis court for those looking to stay active during their visit. The Sandralia Hotel also offers luxurious and spacious rooms with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay. Whether you're in Abuja for business or leisure, this hotel provides everything you need for a memorable and enjoyable experience. With its convenient location and excellent facilities, the Sandralia Hotel is a top choice for travellers seeking a combination of comfort and convenience in the heart of Abuja.


Our Standard

1. Creating a welcoming atmosphere
The key to long-term success in customer service is establishing and maintaining an environment that is welcoming, helpful, and enjoyable. Nobody except our customers will be able to enjoy the vibe we're creating. If we can all find our groove at work, we can connect with them more deeply and give them our all in our service. "Until the staff loves it first, customers will never love a firm," said Benjamin Franklin in a paraphrasing. Simon Sinek, Renowned Speaker Workplaces are more likely to be positive and supportive environments when employees and customers alike feel that they matter, belong, and can make a difference. Team members are held accountable for their individual contributions to the overall goal, while also being encouraged to exercise self-determination.
2. Engaging in constructive introspective dialogue can be an effective way to evaluate our thoughts and emotions
We're the ones providing the customer service. As a result, we need to perform at our highest levels in order to satisfy our customers. To rephrase, our ability to provide excellent service to customers depends on how well we manage our internal dialogue (i.e., our thoughts and interpretations of events in our lives). Words are the building blocks of our thinking, and they are very potent and influential. They may break us, boost our spirits, or do both. Language sparks love, hatred, and confusion, and it can make or break customer service. Language also starts wars, causes controversies, and fosters diplomacy.
3. meeting and exceeding expectations of customers
Two essential aspects in creating realistic expectations are a business's brand (reputation) and its capacity to satisfy the needs of its clientele. By delving into the motivations behind consumer spending, we can better meet the needs and wants of our customers. Based on Maslow's Pyramid, Anthony Robbins' "6 Cs" model may help us go further into these requirements. According to the concept, there are six basic human needs that drive every person, irrespective of their gender, age, race, culture, etc. The same holds true in our personal life as it does in our professional lives, our relationships with loved ones, and our free time. We need to have all the needs of our life met before we can feel whole, and that includes every part of our existence. Exceptional customer service is no different. Our ability to satisfy the "6 Cs" in an inventive (high standard) or unimaginative (low standard) way determines the quality of our customer service.
4. Developing a mutually satisfying relationship with our customers
People are more inclined to listen to us, be passionate about our ideas, be willing to collaborate with us, and be open to our suggestions when we establish connections with them. In the end, every business is really simply a web of human relationships. Commemorating Lee Iacocca The term "rapport" may be defined as "a level of trust and responsiveness when your words become the other person's ideas." Along with the already-mentioned pleasant environment, additional ways to overcome initial resistance include speaking the other person's language, being aware of one another, tolerating diversity, communicating openly and honestly, and respecting one another. Reactions can be signs that our efforts to connect and communicate were successful. We may need to rethink our approach to communication if we are not getting our point across or if it seems like nothing is happening.